The Future of Remote Work with Cloud PBX

The Future of Remote Work with Cloud PBX The COVID-19 Pandemic opened the eyes of every business to a multitude of flaws, but none as impactful as remote access for employees to work away from the office. Many businesses had weak infrastructure that did not allow for all of the workforce to log onto the […]

Hosted PBX-The Better Phone System

Hosted PBX – The Better Phone System Your business needs phones. More specifically, your business needs an organized, clean phone system. Modern PBX solutions have revolutionized this requirement by stepping away from old phone systems that haven’t changed much in over 100 years and the old fashioned way of doing things: multiple phone lines that […]

What is Cloud PBX?

What is Cloud PBX? The popularity of Cloud PBX systems has skyrocketed in recent years, and with good reason. Traditional phone systems have truly not changed much in the last few decades, and the technology has remained mostly stagnant compared to the ever evolving technology you find in the office nowadays. PBX systems are the […]