Grandstream GXP2170


GXP2170 Enterprise VoIP Telephone (12-line, up to 48 digital BLF/speed-dial keys), 1 x Gig-E LAN/1 x Gig-E PC Port, PoE ready (also ships with AC power …



GXP2170 Enterprise VoIP Telephone (12-line, up to 48 digital BLF/speed-dial keys), 1 x Gig-E LAN/1 x Gig-E PC Port, PoE ready (also ships with AC power …

Upgrade to The Latest Grandstream Gxp2170 Today and Enjoy the Widest Features

Are you planning to upgrade the existing telephone system at your office with an IP phone? Are you wondering which one will cater to all your needs that revolves around client calls, enterprise communication and multi-department interactions? Well then look no further as we at Voiswitch present you with one of the most affordable and durable IP phones of the day – the Grandstream gxp2170.

The Voiswitch trust

Voiswitch has always been a reliable and trusted name in the sector of VoIP service and IP Phones and combining our knowledge with our experience, we have come up with the Grandstream gxp2170 which will further simplify the communication needs of every modern office and drive your venture towards better ROIs.

The Grandstream gxp2170 edge

If you are wondering what it is that makes the Grandstream gxp2170 by Voiswitch so reliable, here’s what you should know:

  • Superb Voice quality: The gpx 2170 has been designed in such a way so that it cancels out all other noise and gives the listener superb voice quality that you may not find with any other phone.
  • Built in memory: For your business needs, you need a phone that is just as smart as you are. This is why the Grandstream gxp2170 comes with a built in memory that can store more than 40 speed dial numbers. So now you have a phone that matches your own pace in life.

Why choose us?
Quite unlike our competitors, we believe in ensuring lucid communications and hassle-free interactions for our clients. The following approaches will state where we excel:

  1. Multi-tier IP support: We make sure to come up with multi-tier support in terms of installation, functioning, and subsequent troubleshooting issues. That’s where our team excels and surpasses competitors.
  2. Management portal: Wish to have a first-hand look and keep a tab on device performance? Well, we can ensure that with our seamless device management portal that lets you keep a check both through your PC and laptop.
  3. Numerous extensions and connectivity: Connect the departments across platforms and let us do the entire installation for you. We will make sure that you experience a 100% seamless operation.

Call to action
So switch to the Grandstream gpx 2170 today, call our experts at Voiswitch, and enjoy the best of what IP phones have on offer!


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