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Access Control Services

Protect and secure your home or business with the state of the art access control solutions offered by Voiswitch. Eliminate the need for keys and outdated locks, and learn more about the modern access control technologies that will upgrade your security and streamline your control over your building.

Voiswitch offers a wide variety of access control solutions that we tailor custom to your security needs, building size and budget, so that you get the absolute best system for your needs:

Video Doorbells and Intercoms

Sleek but incredibly durable touchscreen devices that you can use to see who’s attempting to enter your building, and even speak to through the microphone. Our latest models are even equipped with facial recognition technology, completely eliminating the need for physical entry devices.

Key Fob Entry Solutions

Completely eliminate the need for keys through the use of our Key Fob entry solutions. Provide whoever needs access to your building with a featherlight small plastic device that allows entry via a single touch.

Surveillance Monitors

We also install touchscreen monitors throughout your building, so that if someone rings your doorbell you can see and speak to your visitor. No need to run to the door or open your phone (though you also have that option) when you can control your entire entry system from your conveniently mounted monitor.

Upgrade your access control system and gain full awareness over who enters or leaves your building. Speak to one of our experienced technicians today, and get a free estimation of your new building access control system.

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