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Structured Cabling Service

Structured Cabling Services

Organization and cleanliness are vital parts of any successful business, and we at Voiswitch operate our Structured Cabling through the same mentality. We eliminate the intimidation of messy, chaotic and unorganized wiring and introduce a seamless, clean and professional installation that makes future troubleshooting and upgrading a breeze. 

Structured Cabling Service

Voiswitch professionally installs and upgrades all possible areas of communications wiring in your building:

Where the phone company wiring meets your building’s custom communications wiring

Temperature controlled areas which house your equipment and patch locations for internal infrastructure

Communications and wire runs that run vertically between your floors, or horizontally across your rooms. Your cabling will be perfectly hidden and invisible to the naked eye.

To house terminations between your backbone cabling and smaller vertical/horizontal cable runs.

Access points for your work area, such as wall outlets, ethernet jacks or any other end-user equipment

Prevent future headaches and troubleshooting issues for your network infrastructure, and have your structured cabling fixed or completely rebuilt by our expert technicians. We are experienced in all of the latest networking cabling technologies, and will create a custom solution based on your budget and needs. Contact us today to discuss your cabling needs and for a free estimation.

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