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On Premise PBX Installation Service

On Premise PBX Installation Services

Your business’ phone system is the main gateway and access to your customers. When a customer first dials your phone number, how smoothly your phone system guides your customer to their targeted destination acts as an important first impression of your business.

Through the use of Voiswitch’s PBX solutions, your business gains full control over your phone system through a reliable, customizable and dynamic solution. Our on-premise PBX installation allows for your business’ PBX to be hosted on-premise at your business, where calls will be routed through both traditional phone lines, and SIP Trunking. Voiswitch will handle the installation of your new PBX system, and we will offer consistent maintenance and software updates for your phone system. We recommend on-premise PBX installation for several reasons:

You gain full control and organization over your phone users, as well as limitless scalability as your company grows

Upfront costs and installation means no future fee increases and lower monthly costs

Voiswitch will handle all of the installation process, as well as training to get familiar with your new system

On-premise PBX is the most reliable form of a communication system available.

You gain full customization of your phone system, and Voiswitch will build it for you from scratch, tailor made for your business requirements and potential future scalability.

On Premise PBX Installation Service

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