Cloud PBX

Increase Productivity & Mobility

Our cloud-based business phone systems help your company increase productivity and mobility with the benefit of lower telecom expenses. All of our solutions work with your businesses current Internet setup which further helps eliminate the need for costly hardware or traditional phone systems.

  • No More On Premise Equipment
  • Works with your existing Internet
  • Lower existing telecom costs
  • Strategically positioned data centers
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Pricing Plans

Enjoy increased productivity with our Cloud PBX service only at Voiswitch

Our powerful Cloud PBX at Voiswitch is the answer to keeping together an increasingly mobile workforce. The cloud hosted PBX allows your team to stay connected with the clients and with the rest of the team, no matter where they are or which device they are using.

The Voiswitch Cloud PBX

At the Voiswitch cloud PBX, we simply use your existing internet connection to ensure 100% uptime and a satisfied client base. Our exclusive cloud PBX services ensure superior call quality while also bringing down the cost of communication by a great level.

No additional hardware

We at Voiswitch understand the value that each investment has attached to it. This is why our hosted PBX has been designed in such a way that you can get it installed in your office at the lowest cost. For this the first step that we take is to eliminate the need of any additional or costly hardware. All our work is done using the existing internet connection in your office.

  1. No on premise equipment:We understand how difficult it may be to house and maintain equipment. At Voiswitch, our Cloud PBX service has been designed in such a way that it eliminates the need of any kind of additional on premise equipment.
  2. Low telecom costs:The one perk that is most liked by all business houses is that it drastically brings down the existing telecom cost, though it provides much better quality and service in comparison to the existing systems.
  3. Application integration:Our Cloud PBX solutions are well-known for their application integration feature. You can maintain unlimited conference calls without adding multiple connections. As a result, multiple departments enjoy seamless communication between them and ensuring uninhibited con-calls with clients become easier than ever!
  4. Better Cost Differentiator:With our hosted PBX capabilities, there’s no substantial upfront investment in an office phone system. Also, there is no need for capital expenditure on a separate or distinct office phone system. The cloud PBX can integrate with your enterprise internet connection to deliver a seamless and rich user experience.

Specialized Packages

We understand how every business and their ROI goals are different from the other. That’s the reason we have special corporate packages that suit individual business needs. So try out the enterprise Hosted PBX service with Voiswitch today and take your business a step ahead!