Grandstream GXP2135


The GXP2135 is an enterprise-grade IP phone that supports Gigabit speeds and up to 32 virtual BLF/speed-dial keys,
making it ideal for busy workers.



The GXP2135 is an enterprise-grade IP phone that supports Gigabit speeds and up to 32 virtual BLF/speed-dial keys,
making it ideal for busy workers. This Enterprise IP Phone features up to 8 lines/line keys and 4 SIP accounts using a 2.8
inch (320 x 240) color display LCD and full HD audio. The GXP2135 includes up to 32 digital, on-screen speed dial/BLF
keys to help users be more productive and efficient. This Enterprise IP Phone supports the fastest possible connection
speeds with dual Gigabit network ports, features integrated PoE and includes built-in Bluetooth for syncing with mobile
devices and Bluetooth headsets. The GXP2135 is the perfect choice for business users looking for a powerful and reliable
IP phone with advanced functionality.

Try Out the Grand stream Gxp2135- The Master of All IP Phones

Top-grade enterprise IP phones have become increasingly popular with every kind of business as well as corporate offices today. While IP phones deliver a very good voice quality along with features such as call conferencing, they cut down the telecom costs of your organization to a great extent.

However, with so many choices available in the market today, choosing the best IP phone often becomes a difficult task. That is why we at Voiswitch have simplified the entire process for you by presenting you with the best enterprise grade IP phone- the Grandstream gxp2135.

If you truly wish to witness a skyrocketing rise in your business ROIs, we at Voiswitch will be the best partners to make that happen with a highly successful installation of Grandstream gxp2135.

Unique range of features

The Grandstream gxp2135 is counted among the top enterprise grade IP phones due to a large variety of reasons. Some of the most notable among them are listed below:

  1. The Voiswitch guarantee: The first feature that makes this phone instantly liked by the customers is that just like all the other products that come with the Voiswitch tag, it comes with the guarantee of offering the best quality as well as high durability. So unlike the other VoIP phones that last for only a short time, here you do not have to worry about replacing it for a long time to come.
  2. 32 BLF speed dial keys:Since the Grandstream gxp2135 is an enterprise based phone it has been designed in such a way so that it can complement the busy lifestyle of the corporate world. For this it offers you to more than 32 virtual speed dial keys so that you can keep your frequently contacted numbers saved on the phone.
  3. 2.8-inch LCD display and HD sound: Keeping in view the latest technology of the day, this model of our IP phone has been equipped with a 2.8-inch LCD display where you can see the numbers as you dial them.
  4. End-to-end service:Right from installation to troubleshooting operational errors, we at Voiswitch will be the tech partners you have always wished for.

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The phone is also at a very attractive price. So hurry and grab it today, and enjoy the Voiswitch innovation!


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